Our Story


From the music to the artists, from the cheese to the beer, from the summer festivals to the first winter snowfall, but most of all; we love the people. This brand was built by the community and it is because of the people of Milwaukee that MilwaukeeHome is what it is today. 

Thank you!



"I love the hearts of the individuals that wear, represent, and support MilwaukeeHome; such a simple name says so much. There is so much to love about this city and the people who share that love know why it's home. I am proud to wear MilwaukeeHome apparel, sip coffee from my mug, and frame their poster on my wall. Milwaukee will always be my home."

- Dan Lawless


"Great stuff through and through."

- James Lohmiller


"The MilwaukeeHome social communication is completely organic and the content is very movement driven. There re hundreds of people actively talking about it across the country."

- Romke from Spreenkler


"Every group that we work with on an organic movement has embraced it."

- Jeremy from ART Milwaukee


"I feel MilwaukeeHome is relatable and connects emotionally to people who have lived in Milwaukee all their life, to those new to the city, and those looking in from the outside. With rejuvenated interest in cities nation wide, the timing is right to organize large key players and launch a campaign that provides a unified message."

- Ian from NEWaukee


"MilwaukeeHome call out those from Milwaukee as well as all those who are in search of a place to call home, rather than a generic city that only means a job to them. People are now choosing cities as a place to live now more than in any other recent generation. The swing has swung back and cities are cool. MilwaukeeHome can help to represent that. Not just a place to work or place... but also home."

- Gary from Pabst Group